Life is an infinite game. We are not racing to be dead and say we won the game.
— Seth Godin

Fitness/Health Goals:

  • Run a Half Marathon

  • Complete Tough Mudder

  • Go Rock Climbing at Yosemite

Fun/Insane Goals:

  • Scuba dive in Diepolder II Cave

  • Skydive

  • Icy Straight Point Zipline

Skill Goals:

  • Become proficient at using Solidworks - (November 2015)

  • Become fluent in Spanish

  • Learn to write Poetry

Professional Goals:

  • Write 10 Blogs for my website within 3 months

  • Publish a scientific research paper

  • Speak at a University for more than 200 students

Travel Goals:

  • Visit the Taj Mahal

  • Go backpacking across Europe

  • Drive a sports car on Germany's Autobahn Highway

  • Go on South African Safari Tour

  • USA Cross Country Road Trip - (May 2014)

Major destinations of my USA Cross Country Trip

Major destinations of my USA Cross Country Trip