My Story...

I am a bioengineer with professional experiences in academia, industry, and clinical research. I have strong interests in finding healthcare needs, executing research strategies and implementing leadership skills to engage and bring people together to create value. As a graduate student at the University of Florida, I am currently developing a state-of-the-art microscale organ-on-a-chip disease model for drug discovery and multiparametric monitoring for Type I Diabetes applications.  

I like to call myself a funambulist as in a risk taker. My strengths are in taking actions and adapting to the demands of the moment. I continually look to promote environments where people are provided the opportunities to learn something new everyday. I intend to utilize my professional demeanor, high-profile, complemented by a positive, “can-do” attitude to immerse in start-up ventures.  

Outside of work I like to stay active. I enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing. I find pleasure in playing sports such as volleyball and tennis. I like keeping up with breakthrough innovations and technological discoveries through news/research articles. You can find me at art galleries and museums searching for inspiration. I am adrenalized by the aspects of cinematography such as photography and videography. Checkout some of my projects on YouTube!